American Red Cross AmeriCorps Service

Disaster Cycle Services focuses on three core processes: Prepare, Respond, and Recover!! We can all argue what one is more important but preparedness has such a huge impact on the other two.  One of the great opportunities that the American Red Cross has available is to serve as an AmeriCorps member to build on the preparedness core.

The Safe Families AmeriCorps members serve to organize communities across Illinois in making their cities, schools, organizations and households more resilient to emergencies. The primary responsibilities is to teach, coordinate and lead emergency preparedness, planning and recovery activities in assigned territories in support of the American Red Cross. Sasha Welch just completed her third term as an AmeriCorps member and had this to say about her experience-

“I wasn’t to familiar with the AmeriCorps Safe Families position at the Red Cross. I honesty needed employment and the position matched my qualifications. I was leery about what I was getting myself into but I applied and I received a call stating I nailed an interview.  Later I found out I got the JOB!

Going into this situation, I didn’t know it was going to change MY life while I was working to change the lives of so many others. Having a heart for the community, wanting to see positive change, being a people person and having the DESIRE all made me the perfect candidate for this position. As a very busy single mother being a Safe Families AmeriCorps member provided me with the flexibility I needed to still play an active role in my son’s life. Having the support you need allows you to work effectively and I definitely had the support of my AmeriCorps/Red Cross Family. I had the opportunity of meeting so many awesome people. People in the community and individuals I worked side by side with.  All of these people helped to build a greater me. Being able to be apart of this organization that helps save lives, gave me such joy and fulfillment. Loving what I did so much, after the first year I applied for a second term, not having enough ySasha Welchet a year later here I am at the end of my third term.  These 3 years have been amazing, I’ve learned and gained so much. What I’ve learned I will be able to take with me into my next position as I continue to work with the Red Cross as a Recruitment Specialist! Talk about growth and opportunity. Everything I’ve learned will be something I can stand on for life. I am very thankful to have been given the chance to be apart of such a rewarding program.”

Currently the American Red Cross has AmeriCorps positions across the state of Illinois that are open spots.  Service locations for the Central and Southern Illinois Region include Springfield, Peoria, Quincy, Moline, and Bloomington . Anyone looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the community while gaining new skills and experiences is encouraged to apply.

Please apply at


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