March is Red Cross Month

Since May of 1881, the American Red Cross has been a part of the lives of Americans, both those in need and those who wish to volunteer. In the past 135 years the Red Cross has had thousands of everyday heroes join it’s organization. It is because of that that in 1943 President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared March to be Red Cross Month, a tradition that has been passed down and continued by every President of the United States.


Red Cross volunteers are our everyday heroes. They are those who give life-saving blood for patients in need. They are those who the life saving skills taught in a Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid class to save the life of someone else. They are those who give assistance to people who have been affected by a disaster. They are those who actively seek to support our service men and women and their families. They are those who install smoke alarms in homes where there are none. They are those whose contributions to their community should not go unnoticed. Red Cross Month is about making sure we recognize these everyday Heroes.


The enthusiasm Red Cross Volunteers have for helping others in need is what makes the Red Cross such a great organization to work with. Everyone is working toward a shared goal: to prevent and alleviate human suffering.

This Red Cross month is the perfect time to become a Red Cross Volunteer. Please visit this website to learn about our volunteer opportunities or to become one of our everyday heroes. Or join our Home Fire Campaign



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